Monday, 16 March 2009

How Progressive Are You?

My friends, here is an interesting little tool with which you can assess your own political leanings:

Interactive Quiz - How Progressive Are You?

Coming, as it does, from the Center For American Progress you can guess straight away what it's hoping to achieve, nevertheless it's always instructive to see where your views pitch you in the overall political spectrum.

I scored 154/400 which makes me conservative. Apparently Americans average 209.5.

Clearly I'm not in the Center's target audience! What about you?


  1. I scored 350 out of 400 - I'm extremely progressive.

  2. you are either the freemason who posts non-stop on as blacknred and are a bit desperate to get people to read your blog, or you're getting stalked by the freemason who posts non-stop on as blacknred.

    which is it?

  3. Anon - it's neither. You missed a third option. I know 'Blacknred' and send him posts (along with a number of other people) when written.

  4. I scored 182, which - thankfully - makes me a conservative too. It is worth noting though that what constitutes a conservative in the US is different to the UK.

  5. It is a well known fact that BlacknRed is Donal Blaney

  6. LOL! Way off the mark young Prince.