Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Daniel Hannan MEP for Question Time

My friends, time to pull out your fingers and get on to the BBC.

We all know they censored Dan Hannan's brilliant speech to Gordon Brown, but they shouldn't be allowed to censor him in future.

So, write to the producers at Question Time by posting on this page and tell them you want Hannan on the panel and not the usual pop singer or comedian they cheapen the discussion with week in week out.


  1. Its cute the way this little vanity project is still going. "My friends": priceless.

  2. "Vanity project"? Well, duh! It's a blog for pity's sake, the ultimate in self-publishing. Name me one that isn't a vanity project!

    p.s. "My friends" ties in to the Orator theme, surely you're not so cretinous you couldn't spot that?