Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Daft bugger!

My friends,

I see my good friend Gerald Warner has been allowed out of the home to spout his deluded rantings at the Telegraph once more, this time using the event of Nick Herbert's civil partnership to declare that gays in the Shadow Cabinet will cost the Tories the next General Election. As he says:

"Is the Tory leadership so hopelessly out of touch with mainstream Britain that it has no idea of the impression this creates? It may play well in metrosexual London, but in the public bar of the Dog and Duck it excites either distaste or derision. Few ministers exit their careers with reputations intact; but to be objects of bawdy ridicule before they even secure their portfolios is disastrous. Just 10 years ago, two men standing before a registrar was a comedy sketch; for much of Britain it remains so today."

Actually, Gerald, most people couldn't give two hoots that two responsible homosexual adults have chosen to do to declare publicly their commitment to one another. I include in that my mother and father, currently in their 8th and 9th decades respectively, who think there are many more pressing concerns facing the country today.

It is you who is out of touch with Britain, not Nick Herbert.

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