Friday, 12 February 2010

Essential new book - but too late for the election?

My friends, I'm looking forward to reading this new book from the co-founder and Chief Executive of The Young Britons’ Foundation, Donal Blaney. Here's the description of 'Politics: The Rules of the Game' from Amazon:

'Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it'. So said Winston Churchill. The same might also be said of politics. "The Rules of the Game" takes a wry look at 65 'laws' by which any smart political observer ought to regulate their conduct if they plan to get ahead and stay there. Such laws as 'Don't Get Mad - Except On Purpose', 'You Can't Beat A Plan With No Plan' and 'Moral Outrage Is The Most Powerful Motivating Force In Politics' whilst previously unwritten, are essential to the progress of any political operator. As obsessed with political history as so many politicians, journalists or students might be, it is remarkable how many times the same problems arise, the same issues are debated and the same (sometimes career-ending) mistakes are made. Written in a wry, amusing and non-partisan style and with up to date references to recent political events including Smeargate, US healthcare reform and the debate on climate change, "The Rules of the Game" is an indispensable guide to politics - wherever you live and at whatever level the game is played.

There are two problems I've identified with it, however.

First, surely a book about political campaigning ought to have had a publication date earlier than this one, coming as it does so close to the General Election in the UK when everyone will be in campaign mode already. Secondly, was it really wise to publish on April Fools' Day?

Anyway, I'm sure it will prove to be a pithy and indispensable guide for future campaigns and meanwhile those who want their daily dose of Blaney wit and wisdom should bookmark his entertaining blog offering provocative and opinionated commentary on politics, current affairs, football and culture, Blaney's Blarney.

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