Thursday, 28 May 2009

So will shops stop selling Che T-Shirts now?

My friends, I see that Next, the British clothes shop, has decided to recall a range of men's underwear after complaints it featured an image of National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler.

"We have checked with the designer who confirmed the image was inspired by Lenin. Nonetheless, if even one customer is offended or upset we are happy to withdraw the range."
The decision to withdraw the goods is the correct one, but why would it have been acceptable in Next's eyes to portray Lenin, one of history's greatest villains?

Lenin is continually portrayed by Communist apologists and their allied historical revisionists as the 'Good Red' whose ideas were later corrupted by Stalin. Lenin was, in fact, the father of 'Red Terror', the state system resulting in the death of some 40 million Soviet citizens from 1922-1953. He was amongst the very worst of the many left wing intellectuals with blood on their hands who brought untold suffering to the 20th century.

The moral blindness of the Left, with their Che-t-shirts and Soviet label jeans knows no bounds.

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